Have You Ever Received a Letter of Demotivation?

Have you ever recieved a letter of demotivation?

Companies also must act.
Investing in child protection is also investing in the future of the economy and the society as a whole.


Has your entreprise ever received Letter of Demotivation?

This is Julien’s story. Like many adults who were victims of violences during their childhood, Julien’ personal and professional live is impacted on a daily basis by the trauma that has plagued him since his childhood . This letter of demotivation has been sent to the biggest French companies, to remind them that they too must act to protect the children. Innocence in Danger Switzerland also addresses it to all companies established in Switzerland.

Business Leaders, HR managers and recruiters, join our fight today, to protect all children. Invest in the future.

Julien Miraute does not exist, but he represents hundreds of thousands of victims.

On the occasion of the 30th International Day for the Rights of the Child, on this November 20th, the association Innocence in Danger is launching a major awareness-raising campaign on the devastating consequences of sexual violence against children.

Companies have a major role to play in child protection.

It is time for all the economic players to feel concerned by this scourge. Beyond the purely human, unbearable and terrible aspect,  sexual violence also has an economic impact! A child victim will be scarred for life, and without help, will become a traumatized adult, unable to lead a balanced personal and professional life.

Investing to prevent sexual violence against children and to help child victims regain control of their lives, should be a priority for our society. Investing today in children is investing in the future!

The figures on violence:


According to the latest study by INED (Institut national d’études démographiques), conducted in 2015 on a representative sample of the population aged 20 to 69, 1 in 7 women and 1 in 25 men report having experienced “at least one form of sexual violence”.

In Europe, 1 in 5 children has been the victim of some form of sexual violence.

A 2015 study by the Overseas Development Institute revealed that the cost and economic impact of physical, psychological and sexual violence could reach $7 trillion, or 8% of global GDP.

In Europe, this impact was estimated at 142.7 billion in 2014, or 25% of the European budget.