16.09.2021 – Plexus Art Gallery in Montreux

Awareness-raising event
September 16th 2021 – Plexus Art Gallery in Montreux

Our presentation event of our association, as well as of our resilience camps for child victims, took place on September 16th 2021 in the breathtaking gardens of the Plexus Art Gallery in Montreux. The aim of the evening was to make our association and our commitments known to the population living on the french riviera.

This event was made possible thanks to a wonderful group of volunteers, whom we thank for their support: Muriel Favarger-Ripert, Julie Blanco, Leila Delarive, Sophie Lambert, Valérie Poulain, Patricia Bally, Ikram Elzaoui, Fatima Ennaji, Kenza Majbar, Malika C. David, Fatima Ghobrini and Lia Noce.

The evening was paced musically by Shana Pierce, a skilled singer with a velvet voice, imaged by the dance troupe MDC Events, and emotionalised by the tragic story of Ms. Sarah Briguet, incest survivor, former Miss Switzerland, and actual ambassador of IED Switzerland. DJ Deba Montana and his team made it possible for the show to take place by managing the logistical part of our evening, and the 2 Chefs and Provins prepared the cocktail and dinner for the evening.

We would like to thank all the participants for supporting us during this evening.

More than 70 participants answered the call, and we hope to repeat the adventure in the german part of Switzerland soon.

We thank all the participants for their support and for the trust shown to IED and our actions on Swiss soil.